My Past: Shrouded in Mystery

My past is shrouded in mystery. Mom has often asked me questions about the time before she adopted me:

Where did I come from?
What was my name?
When was I born?
Why am I tame?
Who gave me love?
Where did they go?
How could they leave me?

My humans don’t know…and I’m not telling.

As far as my family knows, my life began in mid-November, 2012. I was found in Birmingham, Michigan, in the alley behind Beyond Juice on Maple Road, west of Woodward Avenue.


I was hiding behind this business.


The Birmingham Police captured me in an alley behind the business. I did not put up much of a struggle. I was malnourished, skinny, and full of fleas. I had burns on my feet and sides, probably caused by steam coming up from the manhole covers I stayed close to, trying to stay warm.


The police captured me in this alley.


I realize now that the police were trying to help me stay alive and safe.

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