Rescued and Safe at the Vet in November 2012

Rescued in Birmingham

I was rescued and safe, The Birmingham Police knew just where to take me: Gasow Veterinary Hospital. The kind people there isolated me (because of my flea infestation and unknown health status) and started to clean me up and mend my wounds.


I recuperated at Gasow Veterinary Hospital after being rescued.



I was in pretty rough shape when I arrived at Gasow.

Safe at the Veterinary Hospital

Shortly after I arrived, I had a visitor. A lady came, looked me over, and asked lots of questions about me. She told one of the vet techs that she wanted to adopt me if I did not carry any diseases that would threaten her other cats. Tests revealed that I did not have FIV or feline leukemia or any other life-threatening condition, but I was weak and needed time to recuperate.

The lady came to visit me in the hospital quite often, She spoke to me and petted me and watched me get better.


Pawscar at Gasow
One of Mom’s visits was in an exam room. I was glad to get all this special attention.


I purred a lot and took life easy. I did not even mind being in a cage, because I was warm and had enough to eat. Finally, I felt safe.

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