I Finally Get a New Home

I spent a little over two months at Gasow, my temporary new home. Life in a cage was not what I would deem exciting, but it sure beat the cold winter weather in Michigan and scrounging for scraps of food. I was content to be warm and on the mend. I ignored the other cats in the holding area where I was and even slept through some of the nice lady’s visits.

Finally it was January 19, 2013. The vet said I was ready to go to my new home. If I had an “old home,” I was not sharing that information with anyone. One of the vet techs took my out of my cage and carried me down a long hallway. Down at the end of the hall was the nice lady who had visited me. She had some strange little gadget up over her face. It was pointed at me. The vet tech put me in a small rectangular hard plastic box with a wire front door. The lady put down the gadget (a camera), picked up the box I was in, and carried me out,

In a little while the box stopped moving. The nice lady said she was my new mom and opened the wire door. I was in a strange place. It smelled different. There were dishes of food and water, and a litter box. I examined my new surroundings while Mom aimed that camera thing at me again. She said my name was Pawscar Awesome, and I was home. I believed her.



In case you want to know what kind of lady it was who became my mom, I think the picture below will tell you all you need to know. Although it comes from a time B.P.A. (before Pawscar Awesome), it reflects her character and interests purrfectly.


Mom and Cats
Mom with her thirteen cats, ca. 2002.

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