Very Sleepy Kitties Today

We are all very sleepy kitties today. Maybe it’s the weather: 88 degrees and mostly Sunday here in Rrrrowal Oak, Mewchigan. That means the air conditioner is running a lot, making our basement home a bit on the chilly side. Chilly surroundings means we like to curl up as tightly as possible and NAP!


Jolie Fille
I am one of the very sleepy kitties.


Mom is worried about me. I have been overdue for my shots for quite a while, but I refuse to get into the carrier. Mom has tried to trick me by putting catnip in the carrier she keeps here in our room. She even tried to give me a “knock-out” pill mixed in my food, but I refused to eat a bite. Now I have a watery eye, and I can hear the wheels grinding in her head. She MUST get me to the vet. No way!

So I remain curled up, keeping warm and staying as unobtrusive as possible, just like the other very sleepy kitties around here.

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