What Time Is It, Anyway?

So what time is it? Frustration time. Mom has had all sorts of problems with her church website today. This evening she noticed that the Events Calendar is already on tomorrow. She decided to check our site, because it uses the Events Calendar, too. Lo and behold, ours says it’s Wednesday, September 9, but it’s only the 8th here in the Detroit area.

Mom went to the Events Calendar website. Other people in New York and Chicago are having the same problem. They were told that it MUST be a theme or plugin conflict, and were given a set of instructions to check this out. Mom did NOT want to change the theme on her church website; it already had had enough problems. She chose to try out the steps on ours.

First Mom changed the theme to Twenty Thirteen. Our website looked really funny. Everything was in strange colors and places. Then she turned off all the plugins except for the calendar. She cleared the browser cache. Did it help? NO! Mom concluded the problem must be with the Events Calendar plugin.

Mom says she would be afraid to ask those people over at Modern Tribe who make the Events Calendar, “What time is it?” If they don’t know what day it is, they surely do not know the time.

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