So Who’s Snoring Now?

Disturbing the Peace: Snoring

It has been very quiet here this afternoon, once Mom’s cousin and niece departed to their homes…until now. And what I want to know is: who’s snoring now? The sound seems to be coming from Mom’s bed….

Oh wait! Now that I am blogging about the noise, it has stopped. I guess I will never be able to prove the identity of the culprit, but I suspect it was this cat:


Snoring Cat


All’s quiet again. Tune in again for the next episode of “Who’s Snoring Now?”


Disturbing the Piece: Chomping

Before I could complete my post, another noise beset my delicate ears. Someone was chomping a piece of dry chow…or two. Allicat is still napping, Jenise is in her plush cube, also sleeping. I am pretending to doze, but keeping my ears on alert. I know who the hungry cat is: our orange invader has left his hut to enjoy a few morsels of OUR cat chow. The nerve! What’s worse is that he is hogging Mom’s lap AGAIN. Some people’s cats just don’t know how to behave when they are guests in someone else’s home.


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