We’re Back and Better Than Ever

We are not sure where the saying “We’re Back and Better Than Ever” originated, but we are happy to borrow it for this post. Mom seems to have been way too busy to update the world on our fabulous selves, but she has a bit of time tonight so we persuaded her to make the effort.

Mom says our furnace is not working right. The thermo-majig will turn off when the desired temperature is achieved, but the furnace keeps on working. It got to 85 degrees in the house yesterday, and Mom had to come home from work to stop it from roasting us all. Nobody came to fix it today, either. It was a repairman from Sears who caused the problem yesterday; now they tell us we are on their maintenance schedule for an air conditioning repair on November 1. Somebody is drinking too much Kool-Aid.

At least Mom can turn the furnace on for short periods so we don’t get frozen. It is cold outside, and everyone knows we kitties love to stay all toasty warm. Maybe someone will come tomorrow to fix the silly thing correctly.

We will try to keep you updated with our lovely selves more often.

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