Cara Mia Departs


After Peapurr crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November 2005, Mom was eager to adopt kitties needing homes. Saying “hello” is so much easier than saying “goodbye.” Certainly she was lucky that the kind folks at Gasow Veterinary Hospital had rescued two special felines from the jaws of death. We fit the bill “purrfectly.” Mom officially adopted Gobblin’ Goopuss and me on November 28, 2005; we came home on December 4. Formerly named Taters, I was a lovely two- to three-year old calico with tortie/tabby markings. Because Mom teaches biblical Greek and Hebrew, she wanted to give me a special name. “Cara Mia” means “one joy” or “one delight” in biblical Greek. Since I loved people and cried loudly for individual attention, Mom nicknamed me “WOWa Mia.”


In August 2016 the veterinary oncologist, Dr. B., diagnosed me with breast cancer. Because of this, Mom has worried about me for the last two years. As a result of my condition, I joined an experimental program that kept me feeling pretty normal for most of those two years. In September 2017 I had surgery to remove the largest of the tumors, which was causing trouble. After recovering from surgery, I did well for some time. Later, in May 2018, I visited the oncologist, who noted that I had lost a lot of weight. When my appetite bottomed out, Mom gave me an appetite stimulant that worked well. Finally, however, the remaining tumors reached the point where they were uncomfortable. I began to exhibit some effort in my breathing. Therefore, our friend Dr. R. and Mom decided that it was time to say goodbye. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully on July 6, 2018. I know Mom will REALLY miss me!

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