Goodbye, Mr. Goopuss!


Mom adopted me as a six-month-old kitty with Cara Mia on November 28, 2005. She changed my name from Butterball to Gobblin’ Goopuss. I was a frisky black feline with a loud and continuous motor. In my younger years I derived perverse satisfaction from frequent “cat spats” with my sister Cara Mia and my uncle Charlie Chompers. Like C.P. Pirate, I also enjoyed harassing Googlie Girl. I used to interfere with Mom and the things on her desk when she was working on the computer. As I became more mature, I retained my friendly and talkative nature. Confession: I reaped a bit of what I sowed in my youth. I was often the victim of Rascal Spatz’s harassment; Rascal is a perpetrator of kitty conflicts.



As a middle-aged adult, I had to have surgery for a rodent ulcer and, later, for a growth on my chin. I also developed hyperthyroidism, for which I was treated daily. In late 2018, my appetite decreased markedly. Expecting a flare-up of kidney disease, Mom was surprised to learn that blood work indicated cancer, probably lymphoma. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 2, 2018.

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