Dusty RoseNose

Getting a Family

The late, great Mitchner McGarrulous was indirectly responsible for my addition to the family on April 22, 2017. On one of his trips to the vet to be treated for his inflammatory bowel disease, Mom spotted a lovely little two-year-old former stray named Sootie (me). Mom found that she could not resist the temptation to add me to the family. After trying out a number of names, Mom finally chose Dusty RoseNose (for my coat’s appearance and very pink nose). My coloring reminded her of another shelter cat she had wanted to adopt in 2009. His name was Dusty Luvs2Sing. Unfortunately, at that time Mom had two sick cats in her family, so she could not adopt him.

Living with My Family

I am very loving and sweet to Mom, but started out my relationship with my fellow felines on the wrong foot: growling at every one in sight. For a while, several of them were returning the favor. Now I mostly get along with my roommates; however, Rascal Spatz really gets on my nerves sometimes. Occasionally I bug Mom at night when I start talking for no apparent reason. When Mom calls me “Dusty RoseNose,” she always says the “Dusty” much slower than the “RoseNose.” I can’t figure out why.