Hanz da Bronze

I Dress to Impress

My new mom saw a posting on Nextdoor about a lady who needed to find homes for seventeen cats. Mom was intrigued, so she got contact information. She wanted to know if there was an adult orange cat available. There was: me! Mom came to meet me at the place I was staying with some of my friends. I did not want to be seen, and spent most of my time under the couch. Finally I came out, and Mom snapped a few photos with her phone. Mom learned that I am about 2 1/2 years old and normally very affectionate. Two days later, on September 11, 2020, she brought a cat carrier and took me home…after a long trip to the vet. When I met Cousin MJ, she suggested a nickname for me: Hanz da Bronze.

I Am Shy, But Friendly (to Humans)

My new surroundings (new sights, sounds, and smells) made me shy. I found several hiding places. One was so good that Mom thought I might have escaped, although she could not see how that was possible. Now that I have been here a while, I am less shy and am learning to be comfortable most of the time. I am still not sure about the washer and dryer or people’s sudden movements.

I Am Lonely, But Aggressive (to Fellow Felines)

I really want to join the other cats in the living area. When Mom lets me out in the morning to join her and her mother for breakfast, I often hang downstairs outside the door to that area, howling to be let in. Mom has tried several times to introduce me to some of my adopted feline family members. To her dismay, I am quite aggressive to other kitties, especially Rascal Spatz. She is still trying to figure out a way to safely introduce me to the rest of the clan. I do enjoy regular visits; I hop right into the cage, knowing that I will be able to see some of Mom’s other feline friends.