First Adoption Failure

I do not remember meeting Mom in January 2014. My name then was Clarisse, not Jenise. A woman brought me and my two sisters to Gasow so potential adopters could see us. I found a home first, but it was not with Mom. A family adopted me before Mom took Jou Jou B. I stayed with them for several months. It was not a pleasant experience for me. Another cat kept picking on me. My reward for tolerating this treatment was to be returned to the vet in October. A lady who works there told Mom that I seemed completely traumatized when I arrived, but I bounced back to my sweet, friendly self quickly.


Second Adoption Success

At the same time Mom was making daily visits to the vet to see one of her cats, Patch the Pirate, who had had several teeth removed during a dentistry. Dr. R. told Mom I had been returned. Knowing Mom, I’m sure she immediately began plotting and planning, hoping to find a way to get Dad to agree that I might join my sisters as part of their family. Lucky for me, she must have found a way. She adopted me on October 23, 2014. Mom called me Jenise so my name, like my sisters’, would start with a ‘J.’

I was pretty laid back and friendly from the moment I arrived. The “introductory period”  cage did not bother me in the least. In fact, I found it so comfortable that I remained in it long after Mom started leaving the doors open 24/7. Now I share Mom’s bedroom full-time with RubyDoo and Jolie Fille, and part-time with Jou Jou B. I often sleep by Mom’s pillow at night. So far I have shown no interest in exploring the world outside this room. I always greet Mom when she comes near me with the same chirpy, happy sound my sisters make. One small threat looms on my horizon: Mom thinks I am quite chunky and may put me on a diet.

I am a lover of stability, routine, and peace. Only Dusty RoseNose has been able to provoke me to hiss, and she now lives in the “big room.” Generally I am very affectionate and easy-going. I am the only one of the Fenner Felines who does not like canned cat food.