Jolie Fille

Lonely at Gasow

When Mom met Jou Jou B at Gasow, a technician also introduced her to two other kitties a kind woman had rescued with her and presumed to be her sisters. One of them, Jenise (then named Clarisse), found a home even before Jou Jou B joined Mom’s family. The other one was me. They called me Mimi, not Jolie Fille. The shyest of the three, I did not attract any potential adopters. All of us had been at Gasow for some time. When Jou Jou B left, I was all alone. Yes, other kitties at the vet were waiting to find homes, but my sisters were gone. For six more months I sat quietly in my cage, longing for a family.

Loved by Mom

Although I never met her, Calleigh duTwain played a key role in getting me adopted. Calleigh, Mom’s oldest cat, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June 2014. Mom says that’s when she really started thinking about me again, wanting me to rejoin my sister Jou Jou B. Finally she persuaded her husband to give her an early Christmas present. Mom officially adopted me on July 24, 2014, and renamed me Jolie Fille (“Pretty Girl” in French). Like my namesake, Pwitty Girl (cousin MJ’s first kitty), I impress Mom with my high-stepping curly paws.

Unlike my sister, I did not freak out when Mom brought me home. On one occasion, however, when Mom tried to return me to the cage during my “introductory period,” I bit her hand. She ended up spending the following night in the hospital and taking antibiotics that made her feel really awful. I still hold the distinction of being the only cat who ever put Mom in the hospital.

Lots of Contrasts

I have a mercurial temperament. One minute I act friendly and cuddly; the next, fearful or hissy. Sudden motions near me startle me easily. When I hiss at Mom, I always surprise her (and hurt her a little, too, I think). I try to make it up to her at night and when she wakes up. I sleep beside her and want lots of loving in the morning. Mom says I sound just like Jou Jou B (except for the hisses, of course). I have occasionally ventured beyond the bedroom, but one thing or another will freak me out, and I come running back to my safe haven.