Jou Jou B

My Almost Botched Adoption

I met Mom in January 2014 on one of her many trips to the vet. At the time I occupied the display cage (as an adoptable kitty) in the lobby and was called Jou Jou (not Jou Jou B). I tried my best to attract her with my witty conversation, but was discouraged when she left without me. Soon Mom returned and asked to visit me. She met my sisters, too. I really turned on the charm, showing her my affectionate nature. I was a little over a year old at that time, being born in October (?) 2012. She seemed to like me, but left again without me. On January 17, Mom came back with a man who wanted to meet me. He must have liked me because Mom and the man (my dad) adopted me that night and lengthened my name to Jou Jou B.

I stayed at the vet for some medical care until Saturday, when Mom brought me home. How did I react to my adoption? The trip home did not go smoothly. I was NOT happy in the cat carrier, and I downright freaked out when Mom put me in a big cage, and I saw several strange cats. I leaped and jumped all over inside the cage, scaring Mom a lot. She took me back to the vet for two more weeks until I was completely healthy. Mom visited me every day, so I knew she had not abandoned me.


My Very Happy Home

I still panicked a bit when Mom brought me home the second time. When I realized no one was going to hurt me, I quickly settled down. I even made some kitty pals, demonstrating my friendliness to everyone, human and feline. I used to sleep with Mom and my sisters and my oldest stepsister, Googlie Girl (who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge), but now I divide my time between Rascal Spatz, Tortie Toes, Dusty RoseNose, and Pearl Grey in the “big room”; and RubyDoo and my two sisters (who were adopted later in 2014) in Mom’s bedroom. Mom likes the sweet, chirpy sounds I make to express my contentment with my environment and my loud motor. I have gotten rather chunky, so Mom is contemplating putting me on a diet.