My Situation

Two young adults joined Mom’s feline family in October 2010. One has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The other is me, RubyDoo, a delicate (but solid) little lady. My former owner named me Ruby. He took me to Gasow Veterinary Hospital in May 2010 to be spayed and front-declawed. Then he abandoned me there. My birth date (09/01/09) is probably an estimate. Mom first spotted me when she came to bring Possum home from a dentistry in June 2010.

My Surprise

It is almost a miracle that I became a Fenner feline. Gasow had to exhaust all legal requirements for contacting my previous owner. Another prospective adopter backed out at the last minute. I came home on October 6.

My Seniority

At this time I am the cat with the most seniority here. I am a small, delicately built, and friendly kitty with an almost perpetually bushy tail and a little gray “goatee.” With my quieter sisters (the “J” cats), I can stand up for myself; but I am not bold enough to face the boys–Rascal Spatz, Gobblin’ Goopuss (now OTRB), or Mitchner McGarrulous (now OTRB)–in battle. I have not met Hanz yet.

For some unknown reason, I seem to have dental problems. Once, at my regular vet, I had some kind of seizure as I was coming out of the anesthesia. Now I have to travel a long way twice a year to see a veterinary dentist, a specialist who can x-ray and clean my teeth quickly.